A Book of Earth Skills

Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills is a sharing of ideas–the philosophies, the history, and the personal stories by the authorities on primitive technology from the pages of The Bulletin of Primitive Technology.
Included are instructions for creating fire and tools of wood, stone, and bone, as well as fiber adhesives, projectiles, art, and music. Practicing these primitive methods will lead the seeker towards a tangible, raw connection with the ancient past, with nature’s resources and, ultimately, with the creative forces that constructed the foundation of man’s survival on the planet.

Living in modern society, we have become increasingly disassociated from the earth, from the essence of ourselves, and the need is awakened in us to return to the wilderness–physically and emotionally. We long to feel a sense of connection with our ancient roots. This urge is what has prompted man’s fascination with primitive skills: producing objects from natural materials using methods similar to prehistoric cultures.

Have you ever longed to return to a past where humanity’s greatest concern was survival, when our hands created life’s necessities, when the land’s raw provisions were the materials with which we created warmth, shelter, food, and tools–a time before we lost our bond with the wilderness? Primitive technology helps build a bridge between the ancient past and our modern lives, putting us in touch again with nature and ourselves. This volume–a selection of articles within the bulletin of primitive technology–portrays the history, philosophise, and personal journeys of authorities on primitive technology, imparting skills that built the success of mankind. From views on primitive technology and “new” archaeology to making fire and tools of bone