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Nordic Summer

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Nordic Summer, a traditional Swedish remedy for mosquitoes, for example, of beeswax, beck oil and pine resin.

But I have also used Nordic Summer successfully anywhere else in the world.

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For more info click here


Nordic Summer, by Wilma Naturprodukter,is a traditional Swedish remedy against mosquitoes, for example. Anyone who has ever been to Sweden knows it all too well. Large flocks of mosquitoes that can make the outdoors a lot less pleasant in the summer. I have also been able to use this with great success elsewhere in the world.
For many years, this recipe has been successfully used to keep flying insects at bay in a 100% environmentally friendly way.

Nordic Summer Fragrance

Is best compared to the smell of burnt pine. Some say it’s strong and penetrating. So don’t use it at a romantic evening restaurant ;-).

The use of Nordic Summer

Apply it regularly to the uncovered skin of the hands and neck. Be sparing when using on the face, be careful to avoid the skin around the eyes. When used on thinner skin parts such as armpits or inside elbow, a feeling of irritation can sometimes occur. This medicine can also be smeared on the fur of animals (horses, dogs).

On hot summer days, be careful when opening the can. This agent can become so thin due to the heat that it spills more easily. Fortunately, the renewed screw closure prevents (most) leaks.


Beeswax, Beckolja and pine resin


Content: 35 grams
Packing: can

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