April 6, 2021

Faith in Nature

Just returned from the first “weekend” Faith in Nature. This relatively new annual course of Living by Nature is written entirely by Willow Lohr and is given by her and Katrien Leemen. Weekend in quotation marks because this version of the training takes place on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Faith in Nature - drums

photo by: Living by Nature

During this annual training they take us back to nature. It is a journey in which we practice and learn ‘old knowledge’, such as nature skills, rituals, dealing with elements, hand crafts, traditional ways to maintain your own balance and find peace. Among other things, I will create a toolkit with my own personal shaman tools that maintain my spiritual skills and mental resilience. This training is mainly based on animism. Animism (Latin anima = ‘spirit’, ‘soul’) is the philosophical, religious or spiritual concept in which souls or spirits exist not only in people and animals, but also in plants, stones or natural phenomena such as thunder and geographical such as mountains and rivers.

The Faith in Nature teaching material

This weekend we started to delve into the plants. Plants in the broadest sense of the word. Visiting the plant. Think of really delving into a single plant and its surroundings. But also what you can use this plant for, and how you can do it in a responsible way.

I do not go very deep into all the lessons learned and will certainly not report on the lesson days here. I am still learning and have far from mastered these wisdoms. Too detailed a description would not do justice to what Willow and Katrien are trying to teach us.

The next year starts in November of this year and can be booked via THIS LINK. For all questions and the corresponding answers, it is easiest to contact Living by Nature directly by clicking HERE.