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No Trace

Who am I, what do I do and what do I want to achieve with No Trace.

The future

In the coming years, in addition to some workshops/courses I will be teaching as No Trace, I will mainly continue developing myself and my skill set. Not only by continuing to follow educations and courses myself. But also by working even more for companies like Living by Nature and Siegurd.nl. In addition, I am busy writing my own lessons. One of these lessons I will give at the International Bushcraft Event 2021.

the goal

In the meantime, No Trace has gone from a blog to a one-man business that, hopefully in the near future, will pay off more and more. One of the reasons why I left winter training early so that I can focus more on building a solid foundation. From this basis, I will then be able to afford this kind of training more easily. I will definitely finish this winter training in the near future!


Furthermore, this No Trace site is mainly a collection of methods I have tried and succeeded. That is not to say that this is the only or even best method. It’s the one I’ve tried and which has succeeded. Do you think you still have a nicer or better version. Let me know above all, I like to learn.

This learning is also discussed in the No Trace book reviews that I will post on this site. Over the years I have devoured a lot of them and through this way I will share those who have stayed with me the most or who have inspired or taught me the most.

Topics to be addressed include fire making, navigating, finding food and cooking. But also the provision of a (base) camp or the manufacture of utensils.

Sharing knowledge

Also, No Trace has been asked to write for Living by Nature Social Media posts this is for me, besides the book recommendations on the site exactly the nudge I needed to start blogging again and share my knowledge. Preserving knowledge by sharing it has been the way for centuries. This started at the campfire where the traditions took place in the evening, via the old script to the social media of today. One of the big problems now, I think, is that it used to be clearer/seemed through the knowledge carriers and what value you could attribute to this. Nowadays everyone seems to be an expert and everyone seems to have the real knowledge. I believe that no one was born with the knowledge we have now. Everyone learns every day and/or comes to new insights.

Bushcraft, Living by Nature, Earthroamer – Outdoor Living Skills what does it mean (to me)?

To me bushcraft embodied “living with nature not against it” treating it with respect. In addition, at the height of all the survival and bushcraft programs, I once heard someone make the following difference: Survival is the knowledge to stay alive until you get saved. Bushcraft has so much knowledge that you no longer need to be saved. 😉

My grandfather taught me at a very young age: “Nature gives us everything we need. Do not confuse that with everything we would like. ”

Living by Nature was the next natural step. The principle of “using everything” from what you take. Much more conscious about the materials you use. Being much more aware of the seasons and your surroundings and everything that this brings. When what the collect but certainly also; when what to leave. Thijmen Apswoude, founder and head instructor of Living by Nature and mentor during this trip, says it all in the next movie:


And now…

At the beginning of 2020 I read the book of EARTHROAMER (let curiosity guide you) by Donny Dust and I sense again the feeling of being labeled. The book tries to break free from all and therefore attaches itself a new label. One of the reasons I always refer to the knowledge I share with No Trace with “Outdoor Living Skills”. I prefer to use a mix of methodologies, skills, knowledge and crafts. Every environment requires a different approach. I don’t always have the same stuff with me. Especially the anthropological part always appeals to me very much. Who does what in what environment, to put it briefly.

You can expect everything from primitive to modern but above all adaptive.

Greetings and maybe Goodbye,



Most of the videos, photos and other illustrations I have often found on the internet, from books or received from a course or workshop I have followed. I try to appoint the original author as much as possible. If you find something here that is your original work and that hasn’t happened, or that you don’t want to use, please let me know. Then I delete it directly.