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Olive oil soap with sandalwood scent white-green

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Only 1 left in stock

Olive oil soap with sandalwood scent white-green felted shell. The good of olive oil wrapped like a piece of jewelry for every bathroom. Olive oil soap penetrates the skin, without clogging the pores. This allows, among other things, vitamins and antioxidants to be well-used.

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This Olive Oil Soap with Sandalwood scent white-green felted shell is a delicious soap. It has a fantastic scent of spicy sandalwood and an unprecedented soft layer of the soaped Cretan olive oil. The natural olive soap with the scent of sandalwood from Kálliston Greek cosmetics is a beautiful, handmade piece of soap with an indescribably delicious smell. It is therefore ideal for in the shower, but also blissful between your linen or on a saucer in the bathroom or toilet. This fragrance is discreet and delicate, also has a pleasant soap smell and dries quickly after use.

Use of this Olive Oil Soap with sandalwood scent white-green: apply the natural olive soap to wet skin, wash your hands with it or store it in your linen cupboard for a wonderfully fresh smell. Let the soap dry on a saucer or soap holder to last a long time.

Active Ingredients Kálliston Olive Soap Sandalwood

•Olive oil makes the skin wonderfully soft and ultimately cared for

* Organically grown
Natural ingredients: 100%
Dermatologically tested
Vegan: Yes

Contains no sulphates, parabens, mineral oils (paraffin, vaseline, petrolatum), silicone, propylene glycol and genetically modified plant extracts.
Cruelty-free (both finished product and ingredients are not tested on animals)

100 grams

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