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Beckolja or Beckoil is traditionally made of pine tar and is a real versatile addition to your toiletry bag, medicine cabinet, backpack etc.

It is available in 25ml glass bottle

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Beckolja or Beckolie by Wilma Naturprodukter is made from pine tar on a craft. It is a real versatile enrichment of your toiletry bag, medicine cabinet, backpack etc.

Application of Beckolja

Beckolie, by me and many with me, has been used for many years for a wide variety of purposes:

  • I use it as mosquito oil (on the skin or in an aroma lamp).
  • Others use it in soap for skin conditions.
  • But also to make leather water repellent.
  • Beckolja can even be used in domestic and farm animals to ward off insects.
  • I even read that there are people adding a drop to their Vodka for an extra forest aroma.
  • This Beckolja can also be found in Nordic Summer.

The smell of Beck oil

You either love this smell or you hate it. A pronounced smoked pine wood aroma that always reminds me strongly of forest campfires during cold winter nights.

Use of Beckolja

Despite the relatively small contents of the bottle, this lasts a very long time. Because you only need a very limited amount every time, read: drop(s). It can even be diluted, as needed.


25ml glass bottle

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