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Indispensable in outdoor equipment is the Enetorpet tick remover!

During a walk through the woods, the dunes or, for example, just in the park or in the garden you can be bitten by a tick.

Ticks can be removed very easily with this tick remover. With the Enetorpet Tick Remover you can grab the tick directly by the head and easily pull the troublemaker away. The tick is pulled from the skin like a splinter.

Due to the “dragging” movement, unlike a drawing forceps or tweezers, it is no longer possible to tear off the body. You also no longer squeeze the body, so that dangerous bacteria do not enter your body. Removal is fast and accurate.
The sooner you discover a tick and remove it correctly, the lower the chance of, for example, Lyme disease. Therefore, check for ticks every day.

The Tick1, made of surgical steel, is the ‘cream of the crop’ when it comes to tick removal and is well suited for frequent home or professional use.

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