Some forms of navigation I’ve tried will be explained on the following pages. For instance:

navigate map compass gpsFor every mean of navigation only the bare minimum is discussed. There are many other ways and interpretations, I know. But I’ll stick with the ones I’ve tried and that worked for me.

Sometimes we just have to make ends meet. This can be accomplished by accumulating as much knowledge as possible.

My personal favorite is always map and compass. Thought I love to bring a GPS as well to record the route, or to bring a bit of confidence when skills appear a bit rusty. There has been more than one occasions I was so overwhelmed by mu surroundings I forgot to keep track on the paper map. I found my GPS to be a easy mean to get my heading back. Nevertheless you should also invest time in learning the skill of position determination with map and compass.



My Dutch topographic maps are freely provided by Scouting Were-Di.
Most info and images is inspired by the following page.
Scoutpedia was a really helpful source