February 3, 2021


I’ve got a feeling twenty-one is going to be a good year…

Pete Townsend sang back in 1969, and I’m just holding on to that thought. I have finally received the key for my workshop. A really happy moment. Right behind my house and, for now, all the space I’ve always wanted.

Finally a place to start all those projects that have been wandering my mind for so long. A workshop for tanning skins, felting wool, making spoons and kuksas. But above all I do not have to wait until the weather is nice. Certainly not having to clean everything up again because the garden is too small to leave everything standing and work/duty calls.

Purpose of the workshop

Is a place where we can make even more nice things that, eventually, will end up in the store.

But above all a place to learn and experiment. I’ve been lucky enough to learn a lot in the last few years. This workshop gives, literally and figuratively, the space to grow further and really learn. From copying and executing the instructions to being able to reason, really understand and develop muscle memory.