November 27, 2021

🌲Winter is coming!🌲

Winter is coming! And with a bit of luck it will be one where you get snowed in ;-).

Today I finally received my package with 3kg birch bark and spruce root.
Bought from the talented Светлана Коренева. Finally the right materials to get started with.

All the examples in this book have been in my head for a long time.

Secured by the knowledge that I have been able to gain in recent months during the Birch Bark 5-part of SIEGURD.NL it is now time to respond to this. Who knows, maybe some works will work out so well that you will find them in the store.

Winter is coming and with it many fun learning moments and new products for home and possibly our store.

Ever since I learned during the annual training and later during the living by nature instructor training which beautiful objects you can make from spruce bark and spruce roots, I was fascinated. When I later discovered the birch bark at Siegurd, another world opened up for me.

The many layers of the birch bark offer a variety of possibilities. For every layer of this material there is a purpose. Consider, for example, that there are/were tribes that made whole canoes from this bark. Mind you, you will not succeed with the birches that we encounter in the Netherlands. For this you need trees that grow in colder climates. Due to the cold climate, a thicker bark forms around the tree than we encounter in the Netherlands.