A shop full of handicrafts.

No Trace store sells, since March 2020, mainly by us homemade stuff. The raw materials used for these materials have been carefully selected by us. Think of natural tanned leather, homemade buckskin or self-tanned salmon skins.

Although the manufacture of these products is a hobby for us and most are given away, here too we do not like waste. What is sold in the No Trace Shop therefore goes away for a, in our opinion, very reasonable price. It helps us learn to make new products. But also to master new techniques. It gives others another nice gift.

More and more often we also process so-called totems in our products. A totem is a natural or supernatural object, being or animal that has personal symbolic meaning for an individual and with whose phenomena and energy one feels strongly connected.

None of the materials used for the products has been specially extracted for the making of this product. In other words, no trees have been cut down or animals killed purely for this item. If we decide we like a product good enough so we can reccomend it by selling it in our shop we always look at sustainability of the whole chain.


Wendy - No TraceThe driving force behind a large part of the end products you will find in this shop is my wife Wendy. She is responsible for most of the pouches, covers, keychains and wool products that are for sale here.

If you have a specific wish for a product. For example, a custom version of what you have seen in our shop. Or multiple copies of 1 version. Please contact her. She likes to see if she can help you.

Natural care products

Most of the care products in this store contain no added, harmful substances and chemicals. They are made from natural ingredients such as oils and herbs and often produced organically. The products are not only better for your own skin and your body, but also for the environment.

Ordinary care products often contain all kinds of substances that are known to be “not healthy” at all. Even though these substances have been approved by laws, doesn’t mean they’re harmless. More and more is known about why these substances are harmful. Parabens are therefore already banned in many European countries, because these substances are hormone disruptive.

For all the products for sale in this store we selected the least harmful we could find. These are still the best products we can find that suit their purpose.