August 30, 2020

Schokland and Giethoorn.

Schokland and Giethoorn

No Trace Bushcraft - GiethoornThe first day of a short holiday in our own country brought us Schokland and Giethoorn. After much deliberation, we decided to visit Drenthe, allegedly, one of the more beautiful nature provinces of our country. We didn’t think that we would be so pleasantly surprised the first day. Where we are very much looking forward to the Weerribben and Wieden. But also Het Drents Friese would, Dwingelerveld, Baloerveld etc. Today just through the sour apple and nice and touristy.


On the way to Giethoorn and our hotel in Drenthe we came to see signs with Schokland Unesco Heritage on them. Never heard of it so immediately but off. Wow, what interesting developments have taken place on and around Schokland. Our first Unesco heritage and never heard of it before, A fine example of our eternal struggle against the water. Schokland is a good example of what different ice ages and temperature fluctuations do to a country that is surrounded by water and often even below sea level.


If there has ever been a moment for us to visit Giethoorn, I think it has been now. To be honest, we enjoyed it. And learned a lot about this Venice of the low countries. Created by peat extraction that went differently than planned. Dry islands that were made too small and too low, so that the Zuiderzee occasionally swirled in and let things go under. Almost nowhere deeper than 1 meter does all that water feel very impressive.

That Giethoorn has become so terribly touristy is all thanks to a film, the fanfare, by Bert Haanstra. People came to the village as a result of this film. The farmers in the village smoke money and the rest is history. Today, however, there was very little sign of that tourism. I can imagine that this could have disastrous consequences for local entrepreneurs. For us, however, it was a breath of fresh air.