Wilma Naturprodukter

Wilma Naturprodukter is located in the middle of the Norrland forest in Swedish Lapland. So you can say that the products of Wilma Naturprodukter are as close as possible to nature.
There they make, entirely in-house, all oils and ointments. This gives them full control over these 100% natural products. They collect the birch tar in the surrounding forests. But they also extract the lanolin, spruce resin and beeswax from the nearby area. The ecological footprint is therefore kept to a minimum.
All claims regarding the effect of these products are the result of personal experience or that of friends and acquaintances. These natural products have been used successfully for many hundreds of years by people from all over the world. As with all natural products, the strength and composition of each product can vary. Due to a lack of scientific research into the effect of these specific products, you cannot derive any rights from the effect.


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