Tumble Dryer Balls

Tumble dryer balls dry laundry faster! The concept of these, sometimes brightly colored, felted woolen balls for the tumble dryer is simple. They knead the laundry, causing it to fly around more airy in the tumble dryer drum. This makes it easier for the heat to access and so the laundry dries faster.
Tumble dryer balls also make the laundry softer. This is also due to the even distribution of heat. The balls can even be used as an alternative to fabric softener. In addition, they ensure better air circulation, so that the laundy creases less.
The woolen tumble dryer balls are all handmade by us. This is done by tufts of wick wool felted around a core of carding fleece. Our tumble dryer balls often have a weight of about 40gr and a diameter of about 8cm.
We generally make the carding fleece of these balls ourselves. This is done by carding leftover wool from Dutch coats that we buy locally. This way we keep the CO2 footprint to a minimum. These balls are therefore good for the environment in several ways.
Because our balls are made of wool, you can also add essential oils to them. This will also make your laundry smell nice(r).
The balls are always for sale in sets of 3. Do you prefer a different color or combination of colors. Let us know without obligation. We are happy to see if we can meet your wishes.


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