These No Trace pouches are inspired by the famous Sami pouch. These nomadic people understand, like no others, the need of arranging and storing your valuables during a trip.

Made by me/ourselves with mostly natural, gathered materials. Some pouches contain self-tanned buckskin and/or fish skins. But also felted wool is used more and more use during the design and fabrication.

More and more often we also process so-called totems in our pouch. A totem is a natural or supernatural object, being or animal that has personal symbolic meaning for an individual and with whose phenomena and energy one feels strongly connected.

None of the materials used for these pouches has been specially extracted for the making of this product. In other things, no trees have been cut down or animals killed purely for these products. Where the items are specially purchased, the sustainability and way of extracting the raw materials is always considered.


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