No Trace Crafts

No Trace Crafts is a brand or collection of products that we make ourselves, in our own workshop. This varies from Silk Shawls with eco-print , to birch bark jars and by the Saami-inspired pouches. Everything is made with nature and sustainability as inspiration and starting point.

Recently we have also discovered the many possibilities of wool for our products. Felted Fleeces for the wall, on the couch but also to be able to sit comfortably on while outdoors.

Made by me / us ourselves with mostly, natural, self-found materials. But also self-tanned or self-purchased materials. A single product contains self-tanned buckskin and/or fish skins.

More and more often we also use so-called totems in our products. A totem is a natural or supernatural object, being or animal that has personal symbolic meaning for an individual and with whose phenomena and energy one feels strongly connected.


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