With a feltarelle, different types of wool and felt techniques are combined. You could call it painting with wool. The name feltarelle is derived from watercolor (aquarelle). Both the “canvas” and the actual image are made from, by ourselves, selected and carded coats. Sometimes this comes from shepherds or shearers from the neighborhood, sometimes we take something with us from our holidays. In this way we always know how to get our hands on fun but especially unique materials for our products.

A feltarelle from No Trace is provided with a recycled frame. Sometimes these are old existing frames, sometimes they are made of residual wood. The hanging arch is supplied separately so that everyone can decide for themselves what the top will be.

Each feltarelle is a unique product. An outcome can never be guaranteed. However, if you have a request for a certain size, use of a certain technique, wool type or color scheme, you can of course always, and without obligation, contact us. We are happy to help you shape your ideas.


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