Birdhouse from felt

Have you seen them, those funny birdhouses from No Trace? They’re hand-felted birdhouses. Birds can nest in it or eat from it.
On top of the cottage is a handy pendant, made of rope or felt. In addition, there is extra wool on this. The birds use that as nesting material.

What is felting?

For centuries felt is made with the help of water, soap, heat and friction. Wool is a fiber that simply hooks together because of the scales. When these fibers slide along each other and the scales are aligned opposite, the scales will hook together and felt will form. This is called wet felting.
In dry felting or needle felting, a dry piece of wool is punctured with a needle with barbs. By pricking, the felt becomes ever denser and shapes and patterns can be made.
A birdhouse like that doesn’t last forever. This is because the birds, when they nest in them, leave bacteria in them. Or the cottage is literally consumed by the birds. They then pick out the wool to fill their own nest. Bird nests have already been spotted with cheerful colours of wool in them! ๐Ÿ˜‰
We keep trying out new shapes and models of birdhouses. The assortment on our website therefore constantly changes. So come back to see what we offer to birdhouses.

Natural materials?

Wool is a natural material. We often buy it directly from a sheep farmer (for example for fur felting) In addition, it comes from lots that are ‘mulesing free’. The dyed wool meets the Oeko-Tex standard 100, there is painted with ecological paint. The dyed wool contains no harmful substances, and is produced environmentally and human-friendly. Employees have good working conditions and are not exposed to harmful substances. As much as possible, we also purchase material that complies with the GOTS and GRS.
Now brighten up your garden, canopy, conservatory or your living room with these felt birdhouses, or give someone such a nice birdhouse as a gift. You can find them in the webshop, or send a personal message if you have certain wishes such as color or shape, then we will discuss the possibilities.


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