April 18, 2021

Living by Nature Social Media posts

Starting today, I’m starting to write posts for the social media channels of Living by Nature. All texts for these messages are from my hand. The photos come from the archives of Living by Nature. These are either self-made, purchased or donated by students, friends and/or acquaintances for use on social media. The name of the creator is, where possible, listed on the photo. These posts can be recognized by the category: “Living by Nature Blog”.

I also share these messages on my own pages. Firstly, I believe that these contain beautiful insights into the theories and way of life that No Trace adheres to. Furthermore, I believe in spreading knowledge and talking about it. Gather new insights and learn from them.

Writing Living by Nature Social Media is for me, besides the book recommendations on the site exactly the nudge I needed to start blogging again and share my knowledge. Preserving knowledge by sharing it has been the way for centuries. This started at the campfire where the traditions took place in the evening, via the old script to the social media of today. One of the big problems now, I think, is that it used to be clearer/seemed through the knowledge carriers and what value you could attribute to this. Nowadays everyone seems to be an expert and everyone seems to have the real knowledge. I believe that no one was born with the knowledge we have now. Everyone learns every day and/or comes to new insights.

This I wrote almost 1 year ago. I certainly couldn’t have imagined then that Covid-19 would have such an impact. Now almost a year later, I’m just picking up where I left off.