Trees, I see them around me a lot. Until a few years ago, I paid little attention to them. I built my hutsfrom the dead remains. I climbed them. And, I ate the fruits I knew and could find. Some I knew by name. I once learned that they grow by converting carbon dioxide and water into nutritious sugars and oxygen using sunlight. This is done in green leaves and we call photosynthesis. The more leaves, the more oxygen a tree produces. Trees also use oxygen for their metabolism. I took them for granted.
But, on the next pages, I want to pay a little more attention to them. To grow myself and to understand them better. That’s why I’m taking you on my rediscovery of the tree. Everything I can find, I write down about this. So no page is complete or finished. Do you have knowledge that you want to contribute or are you sure something is not right? Please report it to me please.
There does not seem to be a clear definition of what we call a tree. All the books, websites and people I consulted all give a slightly different definition. Especially the difference between what we often call “easy” tree or shrub is not clearly described.
He’s always captured the imagination. Also in the chapter stories you will find, for example, an instructive story about the flowering tree.
I will also talk about the use. Is it edible or perhaps suitable for making tools? Where does he grow best and what can the tree teach us about its environment? What does he mean to people?