Navigating is the basis of all the accumulated knowledge on the underlying pages. Here I’m going to try to highlight different forms of navigating that I like to use or have knowledge of.
For every mean of navigation only the bare minimum is discussed. As a result, I will not, if at all, go into why one way of navigating is preferable to another. There are too many variables that affect this.
Often we just have make with what we have. Making the best of the situation. This can be accomplished by accumulating as much knowledge as possible.
My personal favorite is always map and compass. Thought I love to bring a GPS as well to record the route, or to bring a bit of confidence when skills appear a bit rusty. There has been more than one occasions I was so overwhelmed by my surroundings I forgot to keep track on the paper map. The GPS is then a welcome and fast place-bepater.
Also things like natural navigation such as with the help of the sun, the moon and the stars are also discussed.
When I first started navigating map and compass, I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of information available about it. I also notice that when I read back I contribute to this. Start small. Take a familiar route and practice with it. You don’t have to worry about misalignment, inclination and declination. Often these are things that you want to have well and clear at the beginning of a trip and they are an afterthought for the rest of the walk. Good to check


My maps, for navigation in the Netherlands, I almost always get from the site of