Every animal represents a force that we as humans can learn from and that we can call upon. The art is to recognize this power and to find and evoke it within ourselves.
Nowadays, partly because of all nature documentaries, we have become accustomed to projecting human emotions onto animals. This is also called anthropomorphism (from the Greek words ‘anthropos’ for humans and ‘morphe’ for external form).
But our proverbs and sayings are peppered with animal references for a reason. Just think of:

  • As cunning as a fox
  • Easy as a sheep
  • If there is one sheep over the dam, more will follow

We humans can learn a lot from our fellow animals. By observing, analyzing and applying their behavioral patterns in our own lives, or leaving them correct. For the original inhabitants of America, these lessons are even considered healing power. This healing aspect can affect body, mind and soul.
Or to finish a little more lightly. When I think back to my childhood, there’s a song that pops out when I think about this subject. After all, Baloo sang it in the Disney classic Jungle book “If You Can Learn From Bears.”
If you want to live like a bear,
Then don’t go like a bee,
A bear who never gets tired,
there is a lot to learn from Baloo