Journal, diary, notes. Just a few names of the booklets that I always fill with everything that I encounter and find worth remembering. A list and explanation of the knowledge I have acquired, to make a stay in the “great outdoors” even more pleasant.
This part will act as my personal notepad. In the menu on the right you will find an overview of the information I have obtained over the years. This is my way to preserve all my notes and journals in an orderly fashion, review all things I’ve learned and relive everything. And maybe I even help you gaining some new insights. This will be accomplished by means of videos, photo’s, links or notes.

This information comes from courses and educations that I have taken at, for example, Living by Nature and But certainly also from books I’ve read and conversations I’ve had with people. But most of the knowledge comes mainly from DOing. Start, experience, possibly adjust but above all DO.
Subjects you’ll find here vary from building and maintaining fires. Cooking on these fires. Also hunting and gathering for food and buildings shelters will be subjects that are discussed here.
In the end I hope to arrange all my notes and journals in such a way that everything links to and supplements each other. In this way I learn again from what I have already learned. ;-)