February 13, 2022

From coat to thread

Yesterday we were lucky that at Bregje, from Studio Spintol, we were also able to learn the last stage of our journey ‘from fur to thread’.

Van vacht tot draadje - No TraceThat we at No Trace work a lot with wool and furs is no secret. We buy the coats ourselves, clean the wool, card it and start felting. Until yesterday, we have never made the journey to the well-known ball of wool, successfully.

In three hours we received a thorough explanation about spiders with a Turkish and a Top Whorl spintol. As a nice bonus you also get the Top Whorl spintol, on which you have learned e.e.a., to take home. In addition, Bregje also has her own workshop where the most beautiful spinning tops and other wool processing tools from the most beautiful types of wood. Here, too, the principle is used that everything can be (re)used. Something that we at No Trace always strive for. Take a look at her shop.

Wendy in particular already sees a lot of possibilities with her newly acquired knowledge. Now that the basic knowledge has been gained ‘from coat to thread’, it is time to put it into practice. By experimenting a lot with and combining all the acquired knowledge, new creations will soon appear.

In the field of felting, workshops are already in the making, in addition, there will also be a fun and educational workshop about what you can do with all that acquired felt knowledge.