December 25, 2021

For Mikio

On the Facebook group Wolbewerkers I came across a call. Here people are invited to share their creations with each other. This brought me into contact with Christina, mikio’s mother, and hadewych. For Mikio I made a pouch. Marco made the bracelet.

My pouches once started in the form of Sami Coffee Pouches. The Sami are a people who live in the north of Scandinavia, in an area also called Lapland. Because this people mainly consists of Reindeer shepherds and they therefore lead a nomadic existence, packing and unpacking their luggage has become an everyday task. In order to always know what is in what they do not use labels but different shapes and colors for their pouches. These pouches are often made of reindeer leather and, depending on the valuables contained in them, decorate them more and more lavishly. The same goes for their clothes and the interior of their Tipi tents.

We have taken these decorations a step further. Using naturally tanned materials and/or materials with a natural origin. Our leathers are (almost) always vegetable or tanned on the basis of fats. In your case, this concerns cowhide leather, which we have purchased in this way. But also salmon leather, which we have tanned ourselves in a tannin of oak bark.

The clasp of the pouch and the charms of the bracelet are made of the antlers of a deer and of a roe deer. Both are souvenirs that we took with us during our walks.

Besides the fact that we like to work with these materials, we also started to learn from the animals of which we use materials. Both the Native Americans and the Celtic and Northern European peoples with their Shamans and Druids learned a lot from and with the animals around us.