May 9, 2020


Books, I love them!

They can give so much depth to the skills you’re trying to master. During or after each lesson or training at Living by Nature or, for example, I ask the instructor to be able to recommend books to me. Especially those who deal with the subject on which is taught. For me, books are never a substitute for a good lesson or the experimental learning of a skill.

There is, of course, The Bushcraft Journal Magazine, always a very welcome source of inspiration. I find videos of YouTube interesting for the same reasons. Covid-19 also seems to have its good sides. This has given us a lot of interaction on Facebook, for example. A group like Bushcraft: crafts, skills and techniques where streaming videos can be seen and you can ask live questions to renowned instructors.

Books such as Stone, Bone, Antler and Shell or Sinews of Survival are little treasures themselves. These last two play a big part in everything I’ve taught myself over the last three years.

Right now, I’m trying to gain more and more knowledge about trees. The various determination books come in handy again. I’ve spent the last few years wondering about all I don’t know yet. Or to put it another way to express how much to learn about this.

But also as a great source of relaxation. Take, for example, the book The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben in which you are taken underground in a relaxed way. This German forester introduces you to a new world. Amazing things happen in the forest: trees communicate with each other. Trees that not only lovingly take care of their offspring, but also look after their old and sick neighbours. Trees with emotions, feelings and a memory.

In the coming time I will try to create an overview of books i recommend on this site and on social media.