February 23, 2020

2020 what a great prospect!

Team Living by Nature 2020

Team Living by Nature 2020

A new beginning – a clean slate

The battery starts to recharge in multiple ways, with positive energy. This year I continue my work for Living by Nature and start as a volunteer at Siegurd. In addition, I perform several small, mainly digital, hand and tension services for The Bushcraft Journal Magazine, The International Bushcraft Event and The Great Outdoors Festival.

All this new energy also requires a clean slate. I’m cleaning up the website. Articles will disappear and may or may not be replaced by more authentic and proprietary items. So it’s true that e.e.a. looks a lot more barren than you’re used to.


Keep learning.

For this year the Winter Course and Game in 4 seasons are on the agenda.

The topics for winter training, this first weekend, were for example:

– Babiche Rawhide, grain on
– Making snowshoes
– Fur
– Tanine tanning (vegan tan)
– Bark species
– Soapstone qulliq

The site

Where possible I will try to keep a blog again. I will not limit myself to the courses this time but share more things that I think are worth it. Also you will find the notifications about any updates in articles etc here.