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Welcome to No Trace Crafts & School!

Products and knowledge with nature and sustainability as a starting point.

Products and knowledge with nature and sustainability as a starting point.

Products and knowledge with nature and sustainability as a starting point.

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Our shop contains handmade products, often by ourselves.

Are you looking for something unique or do you want to make it yourself? We are happy to help or teach you!

Do more with the resources you have (left). Dealing more consciously with the materials you find, buy or get.

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Featured Product

These wool pellets, from Dutch Wool, provide the plants with nutrition for a growing season. A plant needs nitrogen, potassium and phosphate to grow. Nitrogen promotes the growth of the plant, leaf and fruit. Potassium ensures that the plant is well hardy and phosphate ensures good rooting so that your plant grows well. The fertilizers from the wool pellets are released slowly.

In addition, wool also retains water, which is great for a dry summer. As a result, you have to give up to a quarter less water. Because the wool pellets expand when they get wet, they also keep the bottom airy.

recommended dosage:
Balcony or potted plants: 30gr per plant
Vegetables: 140-180gr per m2
Trees: 200gr per m2

With a bag of 1 kilo you take care of a lot of crops.

Latest News

sheep shearer Floor

Today we are lucky enough to meet sheep shearer Floor Floor. Joke, from whom we were also allowed to take over a few fleeces last year, we were told that her sheep would go out of the wool today. Because we are very impressed with the way she offers her coats. But also from the way they are shaved, we gladly accept this invitation.

It is nice to see how sheep shearer Floor, the peace itself, takes the time to shear and inspect the sheep. One by one, the ladies and gentleman (hamel) are expertly helped out of their wool.

Meanwhile, sheep shearer Floor shares all the information he has learned about sheep. As a result, very nice and especially interesting conversations are held. The one-twos between Joke and Floor are also fun and educational. Joke has also gained a lot of knowledge and experience as a shepherd – sheep herding trainer traditional style – paraveterinary. Something we like to reap the benefits of.

It is very interesting to see what influences age, nutrition and health can have on a coat. Over the years, Wendy in particular has let a lot of furs pass through her hands. Where, of course, enough things stand out. Now there was a great opportunity to find answers to these questions and comments. As a result, we have gained a lot of knowledge today that we would like to share with you in our products and our workshops.

Will we see you next Saturday, 28-05-2022, at the fair in Vianen? Or on the Hoge Veluwe near Otterlo on Saturday 04-06-2022. We are there again with a stand full of homemade wool products.

By |26 May 2022|

A small selection from our store:

bird picking bulbs

Bird picking bulbs

Made of willow shoots and filled with raw wool.

Felted coat from Veluws Heide sch

Felted Rugs

Felted sheepwool rugs in different shapes and sizes

Lybster Bushcraft Pouch - No Trace


Organize your bag or backpack with these pouches. Made of felt, leather or salmon leather.

Ponge silk-scarf-dark-fuchsia-ecoprint-of-reeds

Silk scarves

By heating tannin-containing leaves we create a unique eco-print on silk scarves.

Felted Birdhouses

Felted bird picking and feeding houses. A colourful and rewarding accent in your garden.

Mme Elly Bushcraft Journal Cover – No Trace

A5 Journal Covers

An A5 journal or notebook with a unique handmade cover. We make them with felt, leather and/or salmon leather.

Ambient Lights

Felted wool around a transparent container. Can also be used as a vase.

Shea Butter Soap - eucalyptus

Felted fragrant Soaps

These felted and fragrant shea butter soaps are a jewel for any bathroom or kitchen.

GrandPa Soap

Soap with 100% natural ingredients. Use it for skin and hair. At home and on the road.

Natural products made on a small scale and in own management.

Salix Moon Apothecary

Pure nature from the forests of Sweden.

Wilma Naturprodukter

Wendy and Marco Weerribben - No Trace

outdoorpeople with passion

For everything that grows and blooms! For plants, animals, other people and especially for continuing to learn. In addition, if requested, we will transfer this knowledge again.

Over the years, our hobby has grown into something we deal with on a daily basis. Collecting knowledge, transferring it but also creating fun new and especially sustainable products. We also offer many of these products in our store at a very low price. In addition, you will also find other sustainable products here that we like to use ourselves and bring to the attention.

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