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No Trace

Who am I, what drives me and what are my goals.

The future

It has been really quite here lately. I use all my energy for my day-job and to complete the instructors-course. After a marvelous year-course and almost halfway through the instructors-course I’m already making new plans.

Next year I will be attending the Winter-course 2020 at Living by Nature. The ultimate follow-up to the year-course.

This course will completely focus on living in arctic conditions. The cold, snow and ice. It changes everything you know about being in nature comfortably. Activities need much more planning. You cannot “just” walk outside without gloves when temperatures are -35 C or less. You’ll have to transport all your belongings on a toboggan instead of a backpack.

This course will teach me and have me make all my own clothes and equipment to travel through freezing environments. I will make my own snowshoes, snow-goggles, clothing and learn how to build a quinzhee. The expedition that let’s us use and depend on all this knowledge an equipment will take place in Canada 2022.

The theory will be discussed during the entire Winter course in every weekend, for example, on routines and disciplines in cold conditions, the use of insulation by means of snow and your body heat in the shelter. Wearing your clothing and materials in arctic conditions, dealing with overheating and hypothermia. Of course we are going to learn how to make fire in cold and wet conditions.

 No Trace is now transforming from a blog to a company that will hopefully, in the future, bear fruit.


Furthermore, this site is mainly a collection of methods I tried and succeeded. That is not to say that this is the only or even best method. It’s the one I’ve tried and which has succeeded. Do you think you still have a nicer or better version. Let me know above all, I like to learn.

Topics to be addressed include fire making, navigating, finding food and cooking. But also the provision of a (base) camp or the manufacture of utensils.

Also a report of some hikes through GPX tracks, which you can download, and photos that I make during these walks. I am all but a photographer so don’t expect anything spectacular except an ambient impression. Sometimes it’s a matter of a short bike or car ride there and then back again. But more and more often I stay overnight. Sometimes 1 night whether or not on a camping ground, or is part of a longer holiday.

More and more the phrase, “The more you know the less you carry” comes in effect. Also the “staring in the campfire” that often follows here in the evening hours has made it a perfect way of relaxation for me.

In addition, a list of the items I used will not be missing.

What is bushcraft (for me)

For me, Bushcraft is one of the many words that summarizes “respecting and living with nature”. Some will also see survival aspects in back, or call it that way. Fine! For me, through personal experience, Survival has unfortunately gotten something negative. Hopefully not for you.

In addition, at the height of all the survival and bushcraft programs, I once heard someone make the following difference: Survival is the knowledge to stay alive until you get saved. Bushcraft has so much knowledge that you no longer need to be saved. 😉

My grandfather taught me at a very young age: “Nature gives us everything we need. Do not confuse that with everything we would like. ”

Living by Nature is a natural next step for me. Homemade clothes from e.g. Buckskin. But also the principle of “using everything” from what you take. Take much more awareness of the materials you use. Thijmen Apswoude, founder and head instructor of Living by Nature and mentor during this trip, says it all in the next movie:

Greetings and maybe Goodbye,



Most of the movies, photos and other illustrations I have often found on the internet, from books or from a course or workshop I have attended. I try to appoint the original author as much as possible. If you find something here that is your original work and does not happen, or you do not want it to be used please let me know. Then I delete it directly.