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Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast

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In Looking at IndianArt of the Northwest Coast worden de elementen van stijl geïntroduceerd; de mythen en legenden die de motieven vormen worden geïnterpreteerd; de stilistische verschillen tussen de belangrijkste culturele groeperingen worden gedefinieerd en geïllustreerd. Raven, Thunderbird, Orka, Beer: alle traditionele vormen zijn hier, behendig geanalyseerd door een professionele schrijver en kunstenaar die een diep begrip van deze krachtige cultuur heeft.

Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast

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In Looking at IndianArt of the Northwest Coast ,the elements of style are introduced; the myths and legends which shape the motifs are interpreted; the stylistic differences between the major cultural groupings are defined and illustrated. Raven, Thunderbird, Killer Whale, Bear: all the traditional forms are here, deftly analyzed by a professional writer and artist who has a deep understanding of this powerful culture.

Indian Fishing

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Of the many resources available to the First Nations of the Northwest Coast, the most vital was fish. The people devised ingenious ways of catching the different species of fish, creating a technology vastly different from that of today's industrial world. With attention to clarity and detail, Hilary Stewart illustates their hooks, lines, sinkers, lures, floats, clubs, spears, harpoons, nets, traps, rakes, and gaffs, showing how these were made and used-in over 450 drawings and 75 photographs. She has gathered material from major museums and from the old people in coastal villages and fish camps. One section demonstrates how the catch was butchered, cooked, rendered, and preserved. The spiritual aspects of fishing are described as well--prayers and ceremonies in gratitude and honour to the fish, customs and taboos indicating the people's respect for this life-giving resource. The fish designs on household and ceremonial objects are depicted--images that tell of fishing's importance to the whole culture.

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