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Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills

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Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills is a sharing of ideas--the philosophies, the history, and the personal stories by the authorities on primitive technology from teh pages of The Bulletin of Primitive Technology. Included are instructions for creating fire and tools of wood, stone, and bone, as well as fiber adhesives, projectiles, art, and music. Practicing these primitive methods will lead the seeker towards a tangible, raw connection with the ancient past, with nature's resources and, ultimately, with the creative forces that constructed the foundation of man's survival on the planet.

2020 what a great prospect!

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Team Living by Nature 2020 A new beginning - a clean slate The battery starts to recharge in multiple ways, with positive energy. This year I continue my work for Living by Nature and start as a volunteer at Siegurd. In addition, I perform several small, mainly digital, hand and tension services for The Bushcraft Journal Magazine, The International Bushcraft Event and The Great Outdoors Festival. All this new [...]

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